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Tuesday 22nd June 2021

No More Events This Year

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The Jersey MG Owner's Club has been running...
39 years, 4 months & 27 days

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Welcome To The Official Jersey MG Owners' Club Website.

The Club started life in a small flat in St. Helier on the 26th. January 1982, formed by a small group of M.G.B owners who realised that the type had reached the end of its production and wanted to pool ideas on how best to keep their cars running for the long term. The Club quickly grew and it was a chance remark by Roche Bentley, on a visit to a Jersey that we should try organising an M.G. Rally in the Island. This was met with some scepticism, after all getting to the Island by ferry wasn't cheap and it was thought that the cost would deter people but the idea was tried, the Rally was organised for 1983 and it was a success for 30 years. In its heyday, cars came from all over the U.K. and the continent and the Club made many lasting friends.

A Rally requires a great deal of dedication on behalf of the organisers and with the retirement of the prime movers concerned, together with the increasing logistic difficulties it was reluctantly decided to call it a day.

However the Club remains strong and it is a tribute to the spirit of friendship that exists that we maintain numbers and have a good social scene. We suffer from living on a small Island and not having the means of driving weekends away without having to take expensive ferries. This is compensated by a meet and a run at least once a month which takes us down some of the most picturesque lanes. For its small size, the Island has many hidden gems tucked away in these lanes and the runs are planned to experience these.

We always welcome visiting M.G. Owners and invite them to become involved with our social activities if we are able. The Island is steeped in history with prehistoric dolmens, Napoleonic war and second world war remains and our visitors are always assured of plenty to do and see whilst here. During World War 2, the Island was occupied and there are many German bunkers and remains which, once hated as one might expect, are now listed as historical monuments. Some have been restored and the visitor can visualise how an allied invasion force would have looked, to the eyes of the occupying forces.

Spectacular shape in concrete but with a deadly purpose. Gun emplacement at St. Ouen.

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