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Jersey MG Owners' Club Constitution


  1. Membership of the JMGOC shall be open to all owners of M.G cars, of whatever age and type.
  2. The membership fee shall be such an annual sum as set at the A.G.M.
  3. There will be no joining fee or penalty for late payment.
  4. Subscriptions shall be due from the date of the A.G.M. up to Christmas of the same year.
  5. The subscription will cover each family or partnership, irrespective of the number of cars owned or persons included.
  6. Functions funded by the Club shall be free to all members. Non members are welcome but the Club reserves the right to charge them accordingly.
  7. The Club financial year shall end on the 30th September of each year.
  8. The Society shall be managed by a Secretary or/ Joint Secretaries and a Treasurer ( known as Club Officers ) all of whom will elected at each A.G.M.
  9. Three persons shall be nominated to be able to sign cheques drawn on the Clubs Bank account Each cheque must have not less than two signatures.
  10. The Club Officers may issue cheques to cover the day to day running of the Club. However, the purchase of major items must be agreed by the Membership beforehand. This may be done through email communication.
  11. A Special General Meeting can be convened at any time at the request of not less than 25% of the current membership, who shall signify their requirement in writing to the Secretary.
  12. Not less than ten days notice of the Special General Meeting must be given to all members, to allow them to attend.
  13. The Club may be dissolved by the members at a Special General meeting. After all debts have been paid, the residue shall be donated to a charity or a number of charities as selected by the membership.

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